HBI 2023

Dr Ralf Kurek

Executive Partner

RadioOnkologieNetzwerk Ergéa Group

Since 02/2019
Executive Partner RON, now the largest network of radiooncology clinics in Germany.
• 2008
Opening of a private clinic for radiotherapy (Aalen, Baden-Wuerttemberg) and development of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk (RON).
• Since 2003
Radiotherapy specialist and senior physician.
• 2001-2007
Medical doctor in the Department of Radiotherapy, senior doctor since 2004 (Klinikum Offenbach/Main).
• 1998-2001
First-year resident, afterwards resident doctor in the Department of Urology, University Hospital Marburg (Germany).
• 1993-1995
Research activity at Max-Planck-Institute for brain research in Frankfurt/M.
• 1990-1997
Studies of human medicine in Frankfurt/M. (Germany), study abroad at Weizmann
Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) and at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA).

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