HBI 2022

Tuesday June 21, 2022

3:30 pmSector Analysis

Imaging and Radiotherapy

These closely related sectors are seeing a huge M&A boom as investors seek to consolidate rich west Europe (DACH, France and Northern Italy). Other players such as Affidea with its platform in 15 countries are also for sale. So what is the attraction? And how far is it possible to build an ecosystem of outpatient clinics and primary care around an imaging backbone? The session also looks at how far governments are prepared to move on outsourcing these services.

Speakers include:
Martin Hardens, Founder & CEO, RAD-x

Giuseppe Recchi, CEO, Affidea

Dirk Knuppel, Group CEO, evidia Group

Guglielmo Brayda Di Soleto, CEO, Inframedica

Moderated by Martin Debenito Gellner, Senior Analyst, Healthcare Business International

Martin Hardens
Martin HardensFounder & CEORAD-x
Dirk Knueppel
Dirk KnueppelGroup CEOevidia Group
Guglielmo Brayda Di Soleto
Guglielmo Brayda Di SoletoCEOInframedica
Giuseppe Recchi
Giuseppe RecchiCEOAffidea
Martin Debenito Gellner
Martin Debenito GellnerSenior AnalystHealthcare Business International

Whittle - 3rd Floor

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