HBI 2022

Tuesday June 21, 2022

6:00 pmNew Business Models

Extracting Value from Data

Data is the new currency in healthcare, with digitisation driving a data explosion. But how do you extract value to improve patient care, generate extra revenue or build new relationships? In this session we’ll explore the different ways that operators are making money and achieving competitive advantage through data. We also dig into the problems: poor data quality, inefficient analytic processes, underutilised data and a lack of interoperability.

Speaker include:

Bjorn von Siemens, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Caresyntax

Juan Carlos Negrette, Director, Global Health

Dr Axel Heitmuller, Managing Director, Imperial College Health Partners

Moderated by : John Deverill, General Manager, Partnerships and Solutions, EMEA, GE Healthcare

Bjoern von Siemens
Bjoern von SiemensCo-Founder and Chief Business OfficerCaresyntax
Juan Carlos Negrette
Juan Carlos NegretteDirector of Global HealthUniversity of Utah
Dr Axel Heitmuller
Dr Axel HeitmullerManaging DirectorImperial College Health Partners
John Deverill
John DeverillGeneral Manager, Partnerships and Solutions, EMEAGE Healthcare

Fleming - 3rd Floor

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