HBI 2022

Healthcare Service Providers

Hundreds of healthcare service providers have signed up to attend HBI 2022 in-person this June where we’ll be reuniting the entire industry across 3 days.

Discover why you should join them below…

Reasons to attend HBI

Place your brand and its USP in front of hundreds of key decision makers

from newly consolidated sectors to maximise your business growth opportunities.

Understand, and stay up to date with, operator strategy

via direct access to C-level representatives from a range of operators, nationally and internationally.

Develop an understanding of industry and customer-specific pain points

from different perspectives across the global sectors via stories, case studies and data points to help seize the opportunity.

Raise your professional profile by building relationships with new and existing clients

at the annual meeting place for senior health care services professionals

Meet the CEOs and investors who are the key decision makers for your products

and can take your business to the next level to help you meet your growth ambitions through partnership and collaboration.

Optimise your business growth strategy through insights and conversations

with your peers who have shared experiences and unique stories to tell.

Save time by meeting with hundreds of leading operator CEOs, investors and advisors

under one roof over 3 days to set you up for long term success.

Hear stories, case studies and data points

to help seize the opportunity, stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date on the current business landscape.

Interactive sessions and workshops you can be part of…

Tuesday June 21, 2022

6:00 pmNew Business Models

Extracting Value from Data

Data is the new currency in healthcare, with digitisation driving a data explosion. But how do you extract value to improve patient care, generate extra revenue or build new relationships? In this session we’ll explore the different ways that operators are making money and achieving competitive advantage through data. We also dig into the problems: poor data quality, inefficient analytic processes, underutilised data and a lack of interoperability.

Speaker include:

Bjorn von Siemens, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Caresyntax

Juan Carlos Negrette, Director, Global Health

Dr Axel Heitmuller, Managing Director, Imperial College Health Partners

Moderated by : John Deverill, General Manager, Partnerships and Solutions, EMEA, GE Healthcare

Bjoern von Siemens
Bjoern von SiemensCo-Founder and Chief Business OfficerCaresyntax
Juan Carlos Negrette
Juan Carlos NegretteDirector of Global HealthUniversity of Utah
Dr Axel Heitmuller
Dr Axel HeitmullerManaging DirectorImperial College Health Partners
John Deverill
John DeverillGeneral Manager, Partnerships and Solutions, EMEAGE Healthcare

Fleming - 3rd Floor

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Wednesday June 22, 2022

11:00 amDigital Transformation

Building Digital Health Ecosystems

Digital health ecosystems will be the future of healthcare – are you ready? In essence, as a digital one-stop shop for patients to access healthcare services and manage their own health, it requires a collaborative approach and the formation of new partnership models. In this session we’ll examine what is exactly meant by a ‘digital health ecosystem’, their relative importance in the digitalisation of healthcare – and if you’re going to build one, how to do it.

Speakers include:
Suneeta Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise

Betul Susamis Unaran, Board Member, Ypsomed

Ed Radkiewicz, CEO, MARCOL Health

Daniela Hommel, Chief Financial Officer, Strategy & Innovation, Helios Global Health

Moderated by Dr Angela Spatharou, Senior Partner and EMEA Industry Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Consulting

Suneeta Reddy
Suneeta ReddyManaging DirectorApollo Hospitals
Betul Susamis Unaran
Betul Susamis UnaranBoard MemberYpsomed
Ed Radkiewicz
Ed RadkiewiczCEOMARCOL Health
Daniela Hommel
Daniela HommelChief Financial Officer, Strategy & InnovationHelios Global Health
Dr Angela Spatharou
Dr Angela SpatharouSenior Partner and EMEA Industry Leader, Healthcare & Life SciencesIBM Consulting

Fleming - 3rd Floor

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Tuesday June 21, 2022

12:30 pmNew Business Models

It’s all about the Patient Experience…

Digitalisation has forced a paradigm shift in the meaning of ‘patient experience’. In a blended model of face-to-face and hybrid interactions and care plans – how to research, manage and measure customer experience needs a rethink; how to engage, communicate and build loyalty needs a reset. With more touchpoints, now is the time to unlock the strategic value in patient experience and establish as a core strength and asset to your business. In this panel we’ll explore these questions and more, with practical examples for how organisations are approaching the next generation of patient experience.

Speakers include:
Dr Wolfgang Hofmann, Head of Strategy and Corporate M&A – BD, The Fresenius Group

Dr Joana Menezes, Executive Director,  Lusiadas Saude

Dr James Gutierrez, Chief Safety, Quality, and Patient Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Moderated by: Dr Christina Triantafyllou, Head of Improving Patient Experience, Siemens Healthineers


Wolfgang Hofmann
Wolfgang HofmannHead, Fresenius Group Strategy and Corporate M&A-BDFresenius Group
Dr Joana Menezes
Dr Joana MenezesExecutive DirectorLusiadas Saude
Dr James Gutierrez
Dr James GutierrezChief Safety, Quality, and Patient Experience OfficerCleveland Clinic
Christina Triantafyllou
Christina TriantafyllouHead of Improving Patient ExperienceSiemens Healthineers

Fleming - 3rd Floor

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Wednesday June 22, 2022

2:00 pmNew Business Models

Expanding Care at Home

Care delivered at home is set to soar as new monitoring, diagnostic and telehealth technology creates new models of care. In this session we’ll explore how operators are managing the transition and the impact on inpatient care, their asset base, care pathways, etc. What are the implications for the traditional healthcare enterprise?

Speakers include:

Thierry Chiche, CEO, Elsan

Chris Malone, UK Managing Director, Luscii

Moderated by Sue Saville, Broadcast Journalist and Former ITV Medical Correspondent

Thierry Chiche
Thierry ChicheCEOElsan
Chris Malone
Chris MaloneUK Managing DirectorLuscii
Sue Saville
Sue SavilleBroadcast Journalist, former ITV Medical Correspondent

Whittle - 3rd Floor

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Our attendees say

‘A fantastic forum to share insights and compare notes on what is going on in the healthcare world and to solve some of those bigger challenges together. I think there is also a great opportunity from a networking perspective to talk about market dynamics. What is going on from a healthcare perspective in one country or the other, in Europe, but also elsewhere. So it is networking from your clients and customers’ perspective, but also networking with other partners in the industry and understand what is going on outside of the European markets.’
Catherine Estrampes, President & CEO of GE Healthcare
‘You have across the sector from payors to public to private to hospitals, and you go from ophthalmology to dentistry to general practitioners and down to also diagnostics. You have everything and everyone here. In one day you can have 3-5 meetings with C-suite executives. This would take you months to get all these meetings done. That is really very impactful for me.’
Liane Bauer, AlinIQ & Enterprise Solutions Director EMEA Abbott Diagnostics
I like the event very much. A great forum to discuss current trends in the industry and business models. A great networking opportunity; we can see the vendors, the partners and peers in industry and update ourselves with investor societies. A very good event.’
Dr. Nicola Pangher – General Manager, Foreign Operations – TBS Group
‘Very beneficial for our organisation for three reasons: tremendous networking with executives; huge amount of knowledge sharing, and, thirdly, it helps with transformation with the ever changing business environment. Coming to this meeting helps us manage, lead and drive change to support our clients, patients and our businesses.’
Janti Masani – Director for Strategic Global Accounts – Abbott
‘The coming together of all the innovative thinking currently available not only in healthcare but in digital health in particular and that is our area of interest specifically.’
Paul Nash, Head of Clinical Governance, Quealth UK

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