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Why you as a dentistry group should join us...

Dentistry across EMEA is changing fast. Nationally and internationally, there has been massive consolidation. That has gone hand-in-hand with new business models offering access to more services in new easy-access locations, often from 8 am to 8 pm.

Healthcare Business International, now in its thirteenth year, is the only CEO event to give you the market overview you need to steer your dentistry business forwards.  Every year CEOs and CXO teams from dentistry, outpatient, hospitals and care groups join us from across the world. They come for six reasons:

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Here is what past delegates have said about the event...

HBI conferences have directly enabled me to triple sales to €10m and to quintuple EBITDA in four years. Every year I attend and every year I come away with ideas that my management team has executed.

HBI conferences have directly enabled me to triple sales to €10m and to quintuple EBITDA in four years. Every year I attend and every year I come away with ideas that my management team has executed.

Oldřich Šubrt, Founder, Program Health Plus
What struck me was the availability of some of the brightest minds in health care. I get to meet a lot of people in a very fluid way which I could not do anywhere else.

What struck me was the availability of some of the brightest minds in health care. I get to meet a lot of people in a very fluid way which I could not do anywhere else.

Ronnie Van der Merwe, CEO, Mediclinic
It's one place where you meet everyone: providers, insurers, digital health services - everyone. There are a lot of conversations about future models of health care such as subscription models. We know what we have done well but where are we going in the future?

It's one place where you meet everyone: providers, insurers, digital health services - everyone. There are a lot of conversations about future models of health care such as subscription models. We know what we have done well but where are we going in the future?

Somesh Chandra, CEO Employee Benefits, AXA Domestic Markets, AXA, Insurance 2022

They come for four reasons:

Highly relevant content

This year we have two sessions focused on dentistry with speakers including Bob Fontana, the founder of The Aspen Group, the second largest US dentistry group, Tom Riall, executive chairman of {my}dentist, one of top three players in EMEA and Javier Martín, CEO, Donte Group, the largest player in Southern Europe.

MORE highly relevant content

You’ll find our sessions on M&A in health care fascinating, as well as a detailed presentation from Hedley Goldberg at Rothschild HBI has panels on investing in Europe and Emerging Markets where the speakers are big investors in the sector.

Even MORE highly relevant content

Workforce, subscription models in healthcare, payor relations, making money from digital, where and how to cut costs. You’ll find sessions on all these at HBI 2023.

Network with your peers

This is a rare opportunity to meet other large dentistry groups but also outpatient and hospital groups who are wrestling with YOUR issues around workforce, digital, new payor models and brand.

Network with investors

In 2022 over 150 investors in healthcare services attended this event. Meet and build relationships with the specialist investors who understand this industry.

The broader vision you need

You are part of a new, emerging industry - health care services. Today you need to understand the dentistry sector internationally AND how the entire health care sector is changing. Value health, the risk of disintermediarisation, and new apps in the wider healthcare market are all relevant to you and your business. All of this is covered in our agenda.

Perhaps it is not surprising that many dentistry groups send CXO teams.  Now book your place at HBI 2023. As a dentistry group you qualify for a discount off list price. 

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Session highlights

Wednesday June 21, 2023

10:00 amSector Analysis

What is your elixir of growth? A Dentistry case study

Using case studies from dental service CEOs, this session explores how outpatient groups best pursue growth. Does bigger always equal better?  What is the right balance between acquisition and greenfield? How should your brand appeal to different customer groups? How do you calculate the  value in adding new services?

Bob Fontana, Chairman and CEO, The Aspen Group
Tom Riall, Executive Chairman, {my}dentist
Sam Waley-Cohen, Founder and CEO, Portman Healthcare International Group
Rahma Samow, EVP, Straumann Group
Moderated by David Farbrother, Editorial Director, HBI

Bob Fontana
Bob FontanaChairman and CEOThe Aspen Group
Tom Riall
Tom RiallExecutive Chairman{my}dentist
Sam Waley-Cohen
Sam Waley-CohenFounder and Group Chief ExecutivePortman Healthcare International Group
Rahma Samow
Rahma SamowExecutive Vice President, Global Head Dental Service OrganisationsStraumann Group
David Farbrother
David FarbrotherEditorial DirectorHealthcare Business International
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

11:30 amSector Analysis

Dental models that benefit both customers and clinicians

A huge benefit of outpatient models is the ability to lower barriers for customers through locations, longer operating hours and more convenience. But what impact does this have on the happiness of clinicians? Through the lens of dental services, this session features CEOs discussing how they have balanced the needs and demands of both groups, harnesing technology, building the right  culture and ensuring  the future workforce.

Speakers include:

Javier Martin, CEO, Donte Group
Mirko Puccio, Founder and CEO, Primo Caredent Group
Joerg Aumueller, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Straumann Group
Moderated by David Farbrother, Editorial Director, HBI

Javier Martín
Javier MartínCEODonte Group
Mirko Puccio
Mirko PuccioFounder and CEOPrimo Caredent Group
Joerg Aumueller
Joerg AumuellerVP Enterprise SolutionsStraumann Group
David Farbrother
David FarbrotherEditorial DirectorHealthcare Business International
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

9:00 amInvestment M&A

The 2023 Healthcare M&A Landscape

Will M&A in health care come to a standstill or will mountains of dry powder see it power through? What will be the impact as inflation soars to its highest levels since the early 1980s and we face recession and a workforce crisis.

Hedley Goldberg, Partner, Rothschild & Co

Hedley Goldberg
Hedley GoldbergPartnerRothschild & Co
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

11:30 amInvestment M&A

Investing in Europe

How do major investors in the sector view the challenges it faces? How do they view environmental, societal and governance issues? In which sectors and countries do they see opportunities?

Martin Henrichs, Head of Healthcare EMEA, UBS
Nikolaus Woloszczuk, Senior Managing Partner, Stonepeak
Inaki Cobo, Partner, Private Equity, KKR
Viviana Kane, Managing Director, EQT Partners
Moderated by Max Hotopf, Founder and Chairman, HBI

Martin Henrichs
Martin HenrichsManaging Director - Head of Healthcare EMEAUBS
Nikolaus Woloszczuk
Nikolaus WoloszczukSenior Managing DirectorStonepeak
Inaki Cobo
Inaki CoboPartner, Private EquityKKR
Viviana Kane
Viviana KaneManaging DirectorEQT Partners
Max Hotopf
Max HotopfFounder & ChairmanHBI
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

11:30 amInvestment M&A

Investing in Emerging Markets

Bearing the brunt of inadequate health systems, low and middle-income countries are ripe for investment opportunities from the private sector. This session with leading emerging market investors outlines the challenges and the opportunities for investment, growth and innovation.

Speakers include:

Amaury Guerrero, CEO, Opty / Patria Group
Zeynep Kantur, Global Manager & Global Head of Health, IFC
Afsane Jetha, Managing Partner & CEO, Alta Semper Capital
Jide Olanrewaju, Managing Director, TPG Rise

Moderated by Max Ateba, Associate Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Amaury Guerrero
Amaury GuerreroCEOOpty / Patria Group
Afsane Jetha
Afsane JethaManaging Partner and CEOAlta Semper Capital
Zeynep Kantur Ozenci
Zeynep Kantur OzenciGlobal Manager & Global Head of Health IFC
Jide Olanrewaju
Jide OlanrewajuPartnerTPG Rise
Max Ateba
Max AtebaAssociate PartnerDalberg Advisors
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

12:30 pmDigital Transformation

Building the best model for digital

Finding the business model that best leverages digital and technology is tough. Health care is littered with failed attempts at innovation and transformation. Often this is due to a misunderstanding of where value is really created and a failure to build integrated systems. This session looks at mistakes and lessons learnt. What does success look like for providers large or small and how is it achieved?

Speakers include:

Sourabh Pagaria, EMEA Lead Digitally-enabled Service, EVP & Managing Director Southern Europe, Siemens Healthineers
Hafid Rifi, CFO, Asklepios
Thomas Hagemeijer, Healthcare Lead, TLGG
Oskari Eskola, CEO, BeeHealthy
Moderated by Klaus Boehncke, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

Hafid explains how €5bn hospital group Asklepios has brought efficiency, cost saving and new revenue streams through digital investments. Thomas lays out the various business models adopted in digital health and identifies the challenges and benefits of each. Oskari shares how Mehilainen is leveraging its learnings to build a digitally enabled pan-European outpatient network.



Sourabh Pagaria
Sourabh PagariaEMEA Lead Digitally-enabled Service, EVP & Managing Director Southern EuropeSiemens Healthineers
Hafid Rifi
Hafid RifiChief Financial OfficerAsklepios Kliniken
Thomas Hagemeijer
Thomas HagemeijerHealthcare LeadTLGG
Oskari Eskola
Oskari EskolaCEOBeeHealthy
Klaus Boehncke
Klaus BoehnckePartnerL.E.K. Consulting
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

2:30 pmNew Business Models

Managing your costs in challenging times

Rising costs from inflation, wages, and energy are indiscriminately hitting the healthcare sector and despite government support packages being pledged, the road ahead looks arduous. So how do providers control costs? This session explores strategies to keep costs at bay from strategic procurement to efficiency gains and getting more out of your existing technology.

Speakers include:

Joe Ryan, Chief Financial Officer, Medicover
Few people are better placed than Joe to deal with challenging operating environments. In his 27 years at Medicover he has seen it all from credit crisis to political instability and war. Rising inflation and new health reform in Finland has meant that Terveystalo has had to focus hard on managing costs. Ville discusses the impact whilst increasing productivity and the service to patients
Ville Iho, President and CEO, Terveystalo
Jim Easton, Group CEO, Practice Plus Group
Moderated by Janti Masani, Founder and CEO, CXO Impact LLP

Joe Ryan
Joe RyanChief Financial OfficerMedicover
Ville Iho
Ville IhoPresident and CEOTerveystalo
Jim Easton
Jim EastonGroup CEOPractice Plus Group
Janti Masani
Janti MasaniFounder & CEO CXO Impact LLP
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

4:15 pmNew Business Models

Models that cover more people

Subscription models, a rise in employee paid-for insurance, digital apps and engagement, building their own ecosystems – insurers are making fundamental changes to health care delivery. This session explores these initiatives and their impact.

Speakers include:

Dr Hendrik Hanekom, CEO, Intercare Group
Katie Wadey, Chief Product and Commercial Officer, Simplyhealth
Jalil Allabadi, Co-Founder, Altibbi

Moderated by Tom McMullen, Managing Director, HBI


Dr Hendrik Hanekom
Dr Hendrik HanekomCEOIntercare Group
Katie Wadey
Katie WadeyChief Product and Commercial OfficerSimply Health
Jalil Allabadi
Jalil AllabadiCo FounderAltibbi
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

5:15 pmNew Business Models

How to solve the workforce puzzle

How do you best recruit and retain a strong workforce in nurses, doctors and specialist staff? What role does training and culture play here? Providers present case studies on how they have managed to shift the needle.

Speakers include:

Dr Fatih Mehmet Gul, Vice President, Fakeeh Care Group; CEO, Fakeeh University Hospital
Dr Sandra Roddinger, Executive Partner, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, Ergéa Group
Rachel King, Group People Director, Spire Healthcare
Emma Pearson, CEO, Achieve Together
Moderated by Eilert Hinrichs, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

The gulf has long been known for its dependence on expat workers. Fatih discusses how Fakeeh is building a pipeline of locally trained Saudi and UAE clinicians to plug gaps and even export to other markets.
Sandra explains how RadioOnkologieNetzwerk (RON) has developed its own training institute and talent pipeline offering a more practical approach than the traditional university pathway.

Fatih Mehmet Gul
Fatih Mehmet GulVP Fakeeh Care GroupCEO Fakeeh University Hospital
Dr Sandra Röddiger
Dr Sandra RöddigerExecutive PartnerRadioOnkologieNetzwerk Ergéa Group
Rachel King
Rachel KingGroup People DirectorSpire Healthcare
Emma Pearson
Emma PearsonCEOAchieve Together
Eilert Hinrichs
Eilert HinrichsPartner L.E.K. Consulting
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

9:00 amNew Business Models

The Shape of Things to Come  

The health care sector is set to change dramatically over the next five years. Our panellists look at how and at what this means for anyone running a scale business in the sector.

We start with a presentation from Chinta Bhagat, partner at L Catterton which looks at the elision of wellness and health care services, the rise of the omnichannel, the move to outpatient and personalised medicine. He was previously head of global healthcare at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, where he was closely involved with IHH, the largest emerging markets private hospital group. He also spent 14 years at McKinsey & Company where he was a leader in the principal investor and healthcare practices and worked extensively with private equity and sovereign wealth funds to drive their healthcare investing agenda.

Chinta Bhagat, Managing Partner, Asia, L Catterton
Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO, Vitality Health International
Rob Walton, President & CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa, GE Healthcare

Moderated by Max Hotopf, Founder and Chairman, HBI

Chinta Bhagat
Chinta BhagatManaging PartnerL Catterton
Dr Jonathan Broomberg
Dr Jonathan BroombergCEOVitality Health International
Rob Walton
Rob WaltonPresident and CEO, Europe, Middle East & AfricaGE Healthcare
Max Hotopf
Max HotopfFounder & ChairmanHBI
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

2:30 pmSector Analysis

The evolution in Primary Care

The huge primary care sector in Europe holds the key to outpatient consolidation. Here we look at how operators are pairing it with digital and telehealth, pharmacies and imaging, and at how they are reimagining its delivery and business models.

Speakers include:

Dr Murray Ellender, CEO and Co-Founder, eConsult Health
Lyndsey Reeves, Director of Operations UK, Kry Livi
Dirk Knueppel, CEO, Primärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
Martin Lindman, CEO, Doktor.Se
Moderated by Martin Debenito-Gellner, Senior Analyst, HBI

Dr Murray Ellender
Dr Murray EllenderCEO and Co FoundereConsult Health Ltd
Lyndsey Reeves
Lyndsey ReevesDirector of Operations UKKry Liviv
Dirk Knueppel
Dirk KnueppelCEOPrimärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
Martin Lindman
Martin LindmanCEO Doktor SE
Martin Debenito Gellner
Martin Debenito GellnerSenior AnalystHealthcare Business International
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