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Healthcare Operators

Hundreds of healthcare operators have signed up to attend HBI 2023 in person this June, where we’ll be reuniting the entire industry across 3 days.

Discover why you should join them below…

Reasons to attend HBI

Meet with investors and acquisitive operators

who can take your business to the next level and help you meet your growth ambitions through partnership and collaboration.

Optimise your business growth strategy

through insights and conversations with your peers who have shared experiences and unique stories to tell.

Save time by meeting with hundreds of leading operator CEOs and investors

under one roof over 3 days to set you up for long term success.

Learn the latest intel on what does and doesn’t work in digital and AI

investment through case studies and anecdotes from pioneering elite who will transform the industry in the next 10 years.

Hear stories, case studies and data points to help seize the opportunity

stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date on the current investment landscape.

Keep informed of regulatory and policy changes

that can impact how your business is run through insightful discussions with your peers.

Uncover territories, sectors and global big picture themes

and opportunities via relevant workshops and practical sessions which will help you develop and de-risk your growth strategy.

Meet other operators who are leading the charge with new digital and technology solutions

and identify top talent set to make waves in the next 3-5 years.

The types of Healthcare Service Operators that attend:

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Highlight sessions

Monday 19 June

Monday June 19, 2023

11:30 amPlenary

Keynote: What is possible today?

Perhaps the most advanced genetic and population health management in the world is operated by Clalit, an integrated payor/provider that covers 3m Israelis which has had sophisticated electronic patient records for over 20 years. So with the right data, the right culture and the right systems, what is possible today? And what will be possible tomorrow?

Prof Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit

Ran Balicer
Ran BalicerChief Innovation Officer Clalit Health Services
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Monday June 19, 2023

2:00 pmPlenary

Keynote: Implementing personalised medicine in a university hospital setting

Anna looks at how Karolinska has created a virtual organisation where scientists and physicians find new ways of interacting, promoting cross-disciplinary collaborations. She also reflects on the real potential offered by a new generation of genomic tests, embedded in clinical medicine.

Prof Anna Wedell, Director, Precision Medicine Center, Karolinska
Center for Inherited Metabolic Diseases, Karolinska University Hospital
Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institutet

Prof Anna Wedell
Prof Anna WedellDirector, Precision Medicine CenterKarolinska
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Monday June 19, 2023

3:20 pmPlenary

Keynote: Deeper partnering

Building these new platforms calls for multi-decade programmes and much deeper and more intricate partnerships between university hospitals and research centres and industry. In this keynote we explore what these partnerships should look like.

Neil Wright, Commercial Director, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Neil Wright
Neil WrightCommercial DirectorGuys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
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Thursday January 01, 1970

2:02 am

Healthcare Operators

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Tuesday 20 June

Tuesday June 20, 2023

9:00 amInvestment M&A

The 2023 Healthcare M&A Landscape

Will M&A in health care come to a standstill or will mountains of dry powder see it power through? What will be the impact as inflation soars to its highest levels since the early 1980s and we face recession and a workforce crisis.

Hedley Goldberg, Partner, Rothschild & Co

Hedley Goldberg
Hedley GoldbergPartnerRothschild & Co
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

11:30 amInvestment M&A

Healthcare Regulation 2023 and beyond

This remains the number one issue for health care investors and operators in most countries. Here we look in detail at what risks there are in different countries and sectors. What, if anything, can the sector do to allay them?

Speakers include:

Dr Stephan Rau, Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery
Sharon Lamb, Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery
Moderated by Max Hotopf, Chairman and Founder, HBI

Dr Stephan Rau
Dr Stephan RauPartnerMcDermott Will & Emery
Sharon Lamb
Sharon LambPartnerMcDermott Will & Emery
Max Hotopf
Max HotopfFounder & ChairmanHBI
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

2:30 pmDigital Transformation

Building the best model for digital

Finding the business model that best leverages digital and technology is tough. Health care is littered with failed attempts at innovation and transformation. Often this is due to a misunderstanding of where value is really created and a failure to build integrated systems. This session looks at mistakes and lessons learnt. What does success look like for providers large or small and how is it achieved?

Speakers include:

Hafid Rifi, CFO, Asklepios
Thomas Hagemeijer, Healthcare Lead, TLGG
Oskari Eskola, CEO, Mehilainen

Hafid explains how €5bn hospital group Asklepios has brought efficiency, cost saving and new revenue streams through digital investments. Thomas lays out the various business models adopted in digital health and identifies the challenges and benefits of each. Oskari shares how Mehilainen is leveraging its learnings to build a digitally enabled pan-European outpatient network.

Hafid Rifi
Hafid RifiChief Financial OfficerAsklepios Kliniken
Thomas Hagemeijer
Thomas HagemeijerHealthcare LeadTLGG
Oskari Eskola
Oskari EskolaCEOMehilainen
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

2:30 pmInnovation

How to succeed at corporate venture capital

The venture capital boom of 2021 was not just from traditional VC but increasingly from large corporates looking to deploy capital or back start ups that fit their strategic goals. But for these new entrants it’s not always easy or successful. This session outlines what a successful model looks like from picking the right targets, identifying the correct partners to creating successful incubators and accelerator programmes.

Speakers include:

Prof Sneh Khemka, CEO, Simplyhealth
Joe Stringer, Partner, Octopus Ventures
Christoph Ruedig, Partner, AlbionVC

Prof Sneh Khemka
Prof Sneh KhemkaCEOSimplyHealth
Joe Stringer
Joe StringerPartnerOctopus Ventures
Christoph Ruedig
Christoph RuedigPartnerAlbionVC
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

2:30 pmInnovation

This time it’s Personal: Rethinking patient pathways

One-size-fits-all health care delivery is stuck in the past. Using data, genomics and an understanding of each patients specific needs, environment and history and developing a personal care pathway is proving to increase outcomes and lower costs. Payors in markets such as France are starting to fund such an approach, opening up new revenue opportunities. This session evaluates early data from such endeavours and looks at how operators and health systems can scale-up efforts.

Speakers include:

Thierry Chiche, CEO, Elsan
Prof Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit

Thierry Chiche
Thierry ChicheCEOElsan
Ran Balicer
Ran BalicerChief Innovation Officer Clalit Health Services
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

4:15 pmNew Business Models

Managing your costs in challenging times

Rising costs from inflation, wages, and energy are indiscriminately hitting the healthcare sector and despite government support packages being pledged, the road ahead looks arduous. So how do providers control costs? This session explores strategies to keep costs at bay from strategic procurement to efficiency gains and getting more out of your existing technology.

Speakers include:

Joe Ryan, Chief Financial Officer, Medicover
Few people are better placed than Joe to deal with challenging operating environments. In his 27 years at Medicover he has seen it all from credit crisis to political instability and war. Rising inflation and new health reform in Finland has meant that Terveystalo has had to focus hard on managing costs. Ville discusses the impact whilst increasing productivity and the service to patients
Ville Iho, President and CEO, Terveystalo
Michael Walli, Principal, TPG

Joe Ryan
Joe RyanChief Financial OfficerMedicover
Ville Iho
Ville IhoPresident and CEOTerveystalo
Michael Walli
Michael WalliPrincipalTPG
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Tuesday June 20, 2023

5:15 pmNew Business Models

How to solve the workforce puzzle

How do you best recruit and retain a strong workforce in nurses, doctors and specialist staff? What role does training and culture play here? Providers present case studies on how they have managed to shift the needle.

Speakers include:

Dr Fatih Mehmet Gul, Vice President, Fakeeh Care Group; CEO, Fakeeh University Hospital
Dr Sandra Roddinger, Executive Partner, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, Ergéa Group

The gulf has long been known for its dependence on expat workers. Fatih discusses how Fakeeh is building a pipeline of locally trained Saudi and UAE clinicians to plug gaps and even export to other markets.
Sandra explains how RadioOnkologieNetzwerk (RON) has developed its own training institute and talent pipeline offering a more practical approach than the traditional university pathway.

Fatih Mehmet Gul
Fatih Mehmet GulVP Fakeeh Care GroupCEO Fakeeh University Hospital
Dr Sandra Röddinger
Dr Sandra RöddingerExecutive PartnerRadioOnkologieNetzwerk, Ergéa Group
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Wednesday 21 June

Wednesday June 21, 2023

10:00 amNew Business Models

Building a robust ESG framework

Environmental, Social and Governance frameworks are of vital importance, following a series of scandals which have had a huge impact on brands and share price. A good ESG framework can justify a higher valuation for healthcare businesses. This session at why it’s crucial to get ESG framework right.

Speakers include:

Kirsty Bashforth, SVP, Chief Business Officer, Diaverum
Therese Lennehag, Head of ESG Advisory EMEA, UBS Investment Bank / Global Banking
Sophie Boissard, CEO, Korian

Korian, Europe’s largest care group, has invested heavily in governance and Sophie has thought deeply on the social impact of its activities. Therese at UBS discusses how to prioritise and leverage ESG initiatives

Kirsty Bashforth
Kirsty BashforthSVP, Chief Business OfficerDiaverum
Therése Lennehag
Therése LennehagManaging Director, EMEA Head of ESG AdvisoryUBS Investment Bank / Global Banking
Sophie Boissard
Sophie BoissardCEOKorian
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

10:00 amSector Analysis

The Hospital Revolution

Traditional hospitals face massive change. The drive towards outpatient and the creation of virtual wards promises to reduce costs and grow supply. This session looks at how and why outpatient models will shape the future of healthcare delivery globally with real data and examples of cost savings, efficiency increase and patient satisfaction.

Speakers include:

Chris Robson, Managing Director, Akeso&Co

Chris is working with NHS England to implement 40-50 virtual beds per 100,000 people. He shares the lessons learned implementing such wards, the technology required and the early outcomes from projects.

Chris Robson
Chris RobsonManging DirectorAkeso&Co
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

11:30 amSector Analysis

Laboratory diagnostics – where after Covid?

Diagnostic labs saw massive growth during Covid. How has this changed the long-term outlook for the sector? For instance, has Covid enabled the sector to successfully build new relationships with government and public payors? This session also explores growth opportunities in outsourcing, new tech, verticalisation and emerging markets

Speakers include:

Jerome Thill, Deputy CEO,  Cerba

Wolf Kupatt, CEO, Amedes

Staffan Ternstrom, COO Diagnostic Services, Medicover

Jerome Thill
Jerome ThillDeputy CEOCerba Healthcare
Wolf Kupatt
Wolf KupattCEOAmedes
Staffan Ternström
Staffan TernströmChief Operating Officer, Diagnostics ServicesMedicover
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

11:30 amSector Analysis

The investment opportunity in fertility and women’s health

The fertility sector continues to steadily grow, but with a fragmented market, consolidation is not straightforward. And the revolution to address health inequalities for women presents a huge opportunity – around fertility, pregnancy and the menopause. Meanwhile femtech is set to be a $50bn industry by 2025. This session looks in depth at future growth prospects with speakers from two of the largest international consolidators – Virtus and TFP.

Speakers include:

Richard Banks, Group Chief Strategy Officer & European Managing Director, Virtus Health
Johannes Roehren, Group CEO, TFP Fertility


Richard Banks
Richard BanksGroup Strategy Director and European Managing DirectorVirtus Health
Johannes	Roehren
Johannes RoehrenGroup CEOTFP Fertility
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

1:30 pmSector Analysis

Opportunities in diagnostic imaging and teleradiology

Diagnostic imaging has seen a huge M&A boom as investors seek to consolidate Western Europe. What’s driving domestic and cross-border consolidation? What are the benefits of scale? Operators of diagnostic clinics have also been acquiring specialist teleradiology groups (Mednax/vRad, Unilabs/TMC, I-MED/Vital, Evidia/4ways). What’s the winning model in teleradiology – independent or vertically integrated ? Where are the new market opportunities?

Speakers include:

Rob Anderson, Global CEO, Everlight Radiology
Moderated by Thibault Poirier, Managing Director, Rothschild & Co

Rob Anderson
Rob AndersonGlobal CEOEverlight Radiology
Thibault Poirier
Thibault PoirierManaging DirectorRothschild & Co
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Wednesday June 21, 2023

2:30 pmSector Analysis

The evolution in Primary Care

The huge primary care sector in Europe holds the key to outpatient consolidation. Here we look at how operators are pairing it with digital and telehealth, pharmacies and imaging, and at how they are reimagining its delivery and business models.

Speakers include:

Dr Murray Ellender, CEO and Co-Founder, eConsult Health
Juliet Bauer, Chief Growth & Marketing Officer, Kry
Dirk Knueppel, CEO, Primärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
Martin Lindman, CEO, Doktor.Se

Dr Murray Ellender
Dr Murray EllenderCEO and Co FoundereConsult Health Ltd
Juliet Bauer
Juliet BauerChief Growth & Marketing OfficerKry
Dirk Knueppel
Dirk KnueppelCEOPrimärmedizin TMVZ GmbH
Martin Lindman
Martin LindmanCEO Doktor SE
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Our attendees say

What struck me was the availability of some of the brightest minds in health care and the seamless interaction. I get to meet a whole lot of people in a very fluid way. I would not be able to do that at any other conference that I am aware of.  I’m gonna be following up on quite a few leads. It’s gonna be great in the next few months to bring all of our ideas together.

Ronnie van der Merwe, CEO, Mediclinic International, South Africa/Switzerland/UAE

‘It’s very interesting to meet peers and find out about their plans, exchange best practices and ideas. We can also see on the public side what regulators are planning to do in the future and this is good insight.’

Zisis Sotiriou, Senior VP Regional COO, Affidea, pan-European

‘What struck me is the level of participation – the CEOs and CxOs were here. That makes a big difference. And the learning opportunities. We hear about new technologies, hear about examples from other countries.’

Dilip Jose, Managing Director and CEO, Manipal Hospitals, India

‘The value in coming to HBI is to have in one place, all the CEOs and leaders of healthcare companies that share the same problems even though there are cultural differences and it helps me to understand what are the trends and focus on my goals.’

Gustavo Fodrini, CEO, PalCare, Argentina

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